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Mary Trunk: Filmmaker - Collaborations & Contraints

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Mary Trunk began her career in the arts as the Artistic Director of the Trunk Co. Movement Theatre, a San Francisco based performance group, which used dance and film in elaborate theatrical productions. The ensemble performed throughout the Bay Area and the United States for over ten years. While pursuing her MFA in Film at the San Francisco Art Institute, Mary wrote and directed short films that combined her dance expertise with storytelling. The films screened at various festivals and venues around the country. The Watershed was Mary’s first feature length documentary film. The film screened at over 30 film festivals and garnered ten best documentary awards and special jury prizes. The Watershed also won the Best Feature Documentary Award at the Fargo Film Festival in 2005. While attending the festival, Mary met Marjorie Schlossman and was able to convince her to participate in her new documentary project about women artists who are also mothers. While interviewing Marjorie, Mary learned about the Roberts Street Chaplet Project and realized how important it would be to also document that process.